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Our Work

Technical Assistance

IFES has provided technical assistance to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) by collaborating to strengthen the electoral institutions in Pakistan through the “Pakistan Election Support Program”.
IFES has facilitated the ECP’s development of a Five-Year Strategic Plan. This plan involved broad local and national consultations with various stakeholders, and aims to initiate comprehensive internal reforms in the ECP in pursuit of significant institutional strengthening.
IFES is also assisting the ECP in conducting a feasibility study into the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in Pakistan. As part of its technical assistance program, IFES is also researching and working on projects including Out of Country Voting (OCV), ensuring electoral access to persons with disabilities, the use of GIS for constitution boundary delimitation, and electoral system reform.
IFES Pakistan serves as the secretariat for the Election Support Group.

Voter Registration

IFES is supporting the ECP in providing a new Computerized Electoral Roll System (CERS). This nationwide infrastructure is established to electronically manage a credible electoral roll with all eligible voters of Pakistan; fundamental to delivering a well-organized, free and fair elections.

Legal Reform

IFES is providing technical advice to the ECP in developing its constitutional and legal reform proposal. It has also assisted civil society organizations in their development of comprehensive and detailed amendments to the legal framework, as well as an analysis of the electoral aspects of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.

Institutional Reform

The Federal Election Academy, the ECP’s training department, has been re-opened with the support of IFES and is now holding regular training courses for ECP headquarters and field staff.  Under the umbrella of the Federal Election Academy, IFES is supporting the conduct of the internationally recognized electoral capacity building program, BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy Governance and Elections).


A sub-grant has been awarded to FAFEN (Free and Fair Election Network) to monitor and report on political and electoral violence in 150 constituencies throughout Pakistan utilizing a network of 300 trained constituency-based monitors. On 16 August, FAFEN launched the first two reports on this project.

Political Finance

IFES is conducting research on political finance regulations in Pakistan and supporting stakeholder debate on these issues. Current legal provisions in relation to election expenses, bank loans, filing of asset and liability statements, and money in party politics are being reviewed and critiqued.